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In our continued persistence to elevate branded play, Robosen's advanced innovation within robotics, will allow our fans to bring their favorite Transformers characters to life in a way never achieved before within collectibles.

Hasbro teamed up with Robosen Robotics to create the world's most advanced and programmable robots to market through the Transformers franchise.

Watching a genuine robot Optimus Prime come to life, fire up headlights and taillights, roll out, stand up, flash his electric blue eyes and visibly start breathing is an absolute trip.

This is the most functional “real life” version of a Transformer made so far.

The technology has brought a cartoon character to life with interactivity in a way we just haven't seen before.

Robosen Robotics has teamed up with Hasbro to build an Optimus Prime collectible that can do more than just look cool in a display case.

This is one of the most amazing toys I have ever played with and it has been immaculately done.

If you grew up a fan of Transformers, Robosen's limited-edition Flagship Optimus Prime could be the holy grail of collectibles.




Transformers Grimlock Auto-Transforms and BITES on Command

Medy Renaldy


Unboxing - Robosen Hasbro Optimus Prime

Adam savage


Adam Savage Reacts to Auto -Transforming Optimus Prime



Elite Optimus Prime is Back!

Toys Zone D


Unboxing - Transformers Auto Converting Optimus Prime

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