Robosen Robotics at Harrods: First Overseas Pop-Up Store

Explore Robosen Robotics' first overseas pop-up store at Harrods. Discover the innovative T9 Robot and exclusive Transformers series products in a luxury retail setting. Experience cutting-edge consumer robotics with unique collectibles.

In an exciting development for robotic enthusiasts and luxury shoppers alike, Robosen Robotics has proudly inaugurated its first overseas brand pop-up store at Harrods, London’s prestigious department store. This marks a significant milestone not only for Robosen Robotics but also for Chinese consumer robot and toy brands, as this is the first such venture in Harrods.

Harrods, with its illustrious history of 175 years and a record-breaking annual turnover of £831.6 million in the 2022/23 financial year, continues to be a global leader in luxury retail. Known for its opulent shopping experience and a wide array of luxury brands, Harrods attracts millions of visitors and elite shoppers every year, offering an unmatched retail experience.

Robosen Robotics, a leader in consumer robotics, has seized this opportunity to showcase its innovative prowess and global influence through this collaboration. The pop-up store not only introduces Robosen Robotics to a broader international market but also cements its status as an innovator in interactive robotic solutions.

The pop-up store features Robosen Robotics’ first commercialized product, the T9 Robot, along with a range of other products and special editions including the Transformers series characters like Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Grimlock. Additionally, the store has introduced a Harrods exclusive limited edition robot, enhancing the collectibility and interactive experience for customers.

This partnership with Harrods is not just a testament to Robosen Robotics’ technological innovation but also its growing impact on the international stage. It reflects the brand’s commitment to bringing high-quality, engaging robotic products to consumers around the world.

The Robosen Robotics pop-up store at Harrods offers an unparalleled opportunity for consumers to engage closely with top-tier consumer robots, demonstrating the latest in robotics technology and interactive entertainment. It represents a bridge between cutting-edge technology and luxury retail, promising a unique shopping experience that combines the best of both worlds.

We invite all our patrons and robotics enthusiasts to visit our pop-up store at Harrods and experience the future of robotics firsthand. Come and explore our innovative creations, crafted to inspire and entertain robotics fans of all ages.

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