Robosen Credits Membership FAQ

Credits can be earned through various actions such as placing orders, registering an account, celebrating a birthday, and following our social media. Currently, the points in your account are the cumulative total of past purchases. Starting from 2025, points will only reflect the current year's spending and will not accumulate beyond that.

Robosen Credits will generally be added to your account within 24 hours. For purchases on, Robosen Credits will wait in your account until your order has shipped. Pending Robosen Credits cannot be redeemed.

If you have questions related to your membership account, please contact Customer Service at

Yes. Your accumulated Robosen Credits earned before our program officially launched (05/20/2024) will expire one year later. Robosen Credits earned after our program launch date will expire one year after the date they are unlocked. Your expired Robosen Credits will be deducted from your account.

Yes! Before our Robosen Credits Rewards Program was officially launched on 05/20/2024, Robosen Credits for orders previously made were added to your account as long as you were logged in to your Robosen account at the time of that purchase. The Robosen Credits will expire one year later. However, you cannot be credited for purchases that occurred before you became a Robosen Credits member.

You will receive Robosen Credits:

  • At the time of account registration. Registration can only be rewarded once.
  • Upon completion of your profile. Only the initial completion of your profile, portrait, and address can receive Robosen Credits. Repeated corrections are not eligible for Robosen Credits.
  • When your purchased qualifying products are sent out.

Robosen Credits will not be earned on any discounts or other credits offered in connection with a product or service.

Any product that is returned or any order that is canceled will reverse or decrease the Robosen Credits you received from that purchase. Robosen Credits will be deducted for partial refunds caused by price adjustments.

VIP members can participate in double points events, redeem points, and receive discount coupons corresponding to different VIP levels. Each discount coupon can only be used once per year and is valid for 6 months after redemption.

All discount coupons can be used to purchase any products in the store, except for new products during the pre-sale period. Only one discount coupon can be used per order, and they cannot be combined with other discount coupons.