A Nostalgic Tribute: Megatron 40th Anniversary Special Edition Showcased


Megatron, known as the leader of the Decepticons, has appeared in multiple universes (including G1), as well as in various official supplementary settings.

In the G1 series in 1984, he is depicted as a power-hungry manipulator with ambitions to conquer the universe. While he is strong and aggressive, he tends to rely on strategy before resorting to the use of force. He is known for being cunning, ruthless, and distrustful, but he shows trust and grants power to those under his command who prove their worth. Despite lacking a clear sense of good and evil, he shows unwavering determination in his goal to conquer the universe, earning him a large fan base despite being a villain.

Megatron's appearance design supervised by TT for high restoration, striving for both beauty and authenticity in character modeling to meet official standards. In addition, nearly 300 original lines were recorded by the original voice actor Frank Welker to evoke nostalgia of the plot from 40 years ago.

Pioneering Human-Tank Conversion

Just like previous Robosen's G1 series products, Megatron can also achieve full automatic conversion, pioneering from tank mode to robot mode. After 3 years of research and development, the technical team perfectly demonstrates Megatron's full automatic conversion process in both robot and tank forms, showcasing the dominance of the would-be universal conqueror.


Cool Lighting Effects

Unlike previous products, this time, Megatron has added many purple lighting effects. With a total of 112 beads, they are distributed at 22 points on Megatron's legs and feet in both humanoid and tank modes, and the tank body, fully demonstrating Megatron's mighty and domineering image.

In addition, there's a five-section light up power indicator in the belly area. When the robot is charging, the already charged portion of the battery corresponds to the normally lit number of lights, the already charged but not full part of the battery corresponds to the slowly flashing lights, and the un-charged part of the battery corresponds to the lights being off.

Embedded Track Technology

The tank form's tracks embed themselves in Megatron's lower legs after conversion, perfectly balancing the overall form and full-function track movement.

When Megatron is in tank mode, users can remotely control it to move forward or backward. The four independently powered full-motion tracks (four-wheel drive) equipped on Megatron allow it to perform numerous actions, such as turning in place, pulling items, and overcoming obstacles.

The maximum load that it can carry is up to 20kg. This means that, in tank mode, Megatron can pull 10 Flagship Optimus Prime robots (20kg is the maximum value, continuous pulling of 20kg loads may cause servos to burn out due to overloading).

40th Anniversary Special Edition


The Megatron being released this time is a special 40th anniversary edition for 2024. It comes with a built-in 40th anniversary commemorative coin, which adds significant value for collectors. Additionally, there are 40 pieces with the voice actors' signatures mixed into bulk goods.

Who knows, you might just be the lucky one to win a signed edition.

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